Who we are

Founded in 1974, for over 40 years CDL has been known as one of the most established and renowned dubbing companies in Italy. The company’s vast credit list ranges from foreign language feature films and series, to ADR, subtitling and accessibility services. As well as features and series, CDL past and current projects include video games, audio guides, audiobooks and anything involving voice-over artists, sound recording and language-based work.

We take the utmost care in the translation and adaptation process, as well as in the following stages of voice casting, recording and mixing. The creative teams are selected with a view to creating the Italian language version, which best conveys the film or series’ original intent.


CDL’s credit list covers over 800 titles of arthouse and independent films, which illustrate better than most words, the company’s philosophy. Our mission is the understanding of each project’s style and nature, remaining as faithful as possible to the author’s original approach and intentions, whilst making it accessible to Italian audiences.

Back in the 1980s, CDL was the first dubbing company to support the use of multiple languages in Italian dubbing, thus only dubbing the most spoken language in the film and retaining the minority languages. Luckily (and maybe also a thanks to us!) this has now become common practice and we believe it is a vital element in order to maintain the multicultural nature of certain works.


Back in 1974 a group of well-known Italian actors founded CDL, in order to develop a localization company able to provide the best cultural and artistic service to distribution companies releasing films onto the Italian market. This has always been the company’s vision over the years, whilst endeavouring to keep up with the audio-visual industry’s constantly evolving nature. CDL provides the perfect balance between a long-refined dubbing craft and the newest technologies and approaches.

Our team is open-minded, multilingual and super friendly, coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, in order to best assist national and international clients in all their localization needs.